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Cessna Skyhawk - The Makings of a Classic Aircraft

Fuad El-Hibri

With considerable expertise in the pharmaceuticals industry, Fuad El-Hibri of Naples, Florida, has facilitated the creation and manufacture of various vaccines. He currently the executive director of Emergent BioSolutions Inc. board of directors. As the former CEO, he has negotiated several government contracts for preventive medicines.
Outside of work, Fuad El-Hibri’s is passionate about aviation, and he is a private pilot.

The favorite aircraft of many pilots and the first airplane that many own, the Cessna Skyhawk leads the world in production, with 43,000 variant models over 55 years. The Skyhawk has built a reputation for safe flying because of its stability and strength.
Although it has been in production for decades, the Skyhawk features the latest in aviation technology. One recent feature is a navigational program that displays a virtual, three-dimensional view of the flight path. Liquid crystal displays present vital flight information, and all-weather radar adds extra safety.
Cessna has also kept up with modern expectations of comfort. Ergonomically designed seating allows pilots to fly comfortably for hours, and both passengers and pilots enjoy extensive soundproofing.

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