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Interfaith Challenge to Muslim and Christian Leaders

by Fuad El-Hibri

Over the years, Emergent BioSolutions'executive chairman Fuad El-Hibri has developed a significant professional portfolio in the biopharmaceutical industry. In addition to his occupational endeavors, he serves the chairman of the El-Hibri Foundation, named for his visionary father. An international interfaith nonprofit effort, the foundation participates in many global projects to promote understanding about Islam. In July of 2013, Fuad El-Hibri’s organization received a provocative interfaith challenge from a Christian leader.
At an interfaith dinner in July of 2013, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation presented keynote speaker, His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick. Purposefully selected to occur on the eighth day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the Jewish solemn day of remembrance, the Ninth of Av, the interfaith event guest list included Washington D.C. political and interfaith leaders representing Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions.
Cardinal McCarrick implored his audience to rise to the challenges of introducing an era of interfaith peace, marked by communication, appreciation, and love. Reminding listeners that Muslims and Christians comprise more than half the world’s population, His Eminence said that the time of fear and misunderstanding must end.                            
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