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The El-Hibri Peace Education Prize

Fuad El-Hibri

Having studied economics and financial management/entrepreneurship at Stanford University and Yale, Fuad El-Hibri currently acts as the executive chairman at Emergent BioSolutions in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Serving on the board of directors at the El-Hibri Foundation, Fuad El-Hibri was involved in presenting its 2013 Peace Education Prize to Dr. Betty Reardon.

The Peace Education Prize just celebrated its 10th year of recognizing individuals who make outstanding contributions and demonstrate leadership in building inclusive and supportive communities. In addition to the honor award recipients also receive a $30,000 prize. Previous winners have made a significant impact on their communities by building resiliency and equality among their constituents through activism, education, and creating effective movements.

Anyone based in the United States whose work is focused on domestic issues is eligible to receive a Peace Education Prize. The committee that chooses the winners looks for people who have made an impact through their leadership, created innovations in community-building, and demonstrated a positive influence in creating cultural change.


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